XS Business-to-Business and Event Sales

Retailing smoothies and/or snow cones using Blast Premium Mixers with XS Energy Drink on hand for individual sells.

Event Sales Example 3: Smoothie Bar / Snow Cone Machine

Making and selling custom Smoothie recipes and/or Energy Snow Cones using the Blast! Concentrate Premium Energy Mixers is a much more involved operation and will take some experience and upfront capital to purchase necessary equipment (such as blenders or snow cone maker). However, it can be one of the most profitable sales operations available.

A Snow Cone machine/booth is relatively simple– so the explanation that follows will focus on setting up a Smoothie Bar operation.

No Amway Global approval is required when selling Blast! Mixer products.

Step 1: Event Venue
Pick the Event that you would like to attend. A helpful key: go someplace familiar, where you know the people or at least have a good feel for the event itself. Working an event where you have little or no experience, contacts or knowledge will hinder your likelihood of success.

What is the best place for you to set up your booth? Can you sell from a permanent concession stand/kitchen facility that you can sell from? High pedestrian traffic equals effective (and profitable) sales and marketing. How about a Street Fair, Parade, 4th of July Event? Don’t forget—you will need electricity!

Step 2: Event Details
Talk to the event coordinator or ‘decision maker’ - the person in charge of all the Event vendors. Ask lots of questions, get precise details about the day. Find out where you can set your booth for optimal foot traffic and visibility.

Here are a few critical questions to ask:

Is there electricity (this is a must!)?

Is there an upfront cost to be a vendor at the Event? Donation, % of sales kickback, or some other arrangement?

Is this an Indoor or Outdoor Event? Is there a weather contingency (if outdoor)?

What is the number and type of other vendors? Can I be the exclusive Smoothie vendor?

Is there an ice-making machine on premises?

How many people are expected to attend?

Do I need permits?
If you need health permits, get the phone number to call from the event director. Basically, you will have to show that you can “wash, rinse and sanitize” in order to get the permit. This means three different buckets with different chemicals for cleaning.

Is the Event open or closed?
Open Event: like a Street Fair, with multiple vendors and attendees there for that specific Event
Closed Event: like a High School football game where there is only you and the Event. The attendees’ primary purpose being there is the actual Event and you are providing them with a great-tasting, refreshing Energy Smoothie!

Step 3: Event Product Stocking
First, don’t blow your budget on your first Event.

This is a learning process. So, how much inventory of the Blast! 1-liter Mixers should I plan to purchase for a specific Event? Know who the attendees are (age, gender, health focus, etc.) and how many are expected to attend. A general rule is that about 10-15% of the attendees will come to your booth.

Depending on the clientele and the quality of your interactions, you will sell to approximately 25-50% who sample the product or speak with you. Based on those figures, you can develop a good estimate of inventory to purchase.

There are 2 Blast! Mixer flavors – Cran-Grape & Electric Lemon. They can be ordered by the case (four 1-liter bottles).

Step 4: Event Promotional Materials
Again, don’t blow your budget on your first Event. Use a large cooler filled with ice, Blast! Mixers, fresh fruit and other ingredients you may choose to offer.

If you are using a booth, go with a standard 10’ x 10’ canopy, 6’ – 8’ folding table, XS Table Cloth Cover, Large XS Banner, XSPress Delivery forms and XS Mini Flyers with personalized Mini Labels that provide your personal or web contact information. Check out the support materials at xsgear.com > Events/B2B tab and see what items will meet your needs.

Step 5: Product Knowledge and Game Planning
This step can be described as “pre-event meeting and training.”

About two weeks prior to the Event, assemble the team that will be helping you and go through the sales process, product information and marketing ideas. This advance meeting will give everyone ample time to get educated on the products and order/create your marketing materials.

Discuss teamwork and assign each person a task for the event that focuses on his or her strengths. You will need people to fill each of these roles at your Event: order taking, order production and marketing. It is vital that each person has sufficient product knowledge. If you are mixing drinks or making smoothies, make sure you provide training on the recipes and drink-building process. Also, cover the event schedule, hours, breaks and other details that will help ensure your success.

Step 6: The Flow
This entails the day-of-the-event sales and marketing process.

Your booth should have a logical and efficient flow of traffic. If you are selling, you should be set up like a coffee shop. Create one-way flow with the entrance starting at the menu > cash register > waiting area.

Strategically place your banners/posters to attract as many customers as possible. Scatter posters around the event, prominently place marketing materials and make sure you have a big, bright, yet professional display.

If you are making smoothies or mixing drinks:
Create a clear, easy-to-read menu for the customer. When the customer is placing his or her order, either write on the cup or call out the ordered drink to the maker. The order taker hands off the cup to the maker, receives the customer’s cash and then directs the customer to the waiting area.

Running your booth as a well-orchestrated machine free of chaos will contribute to a great customer experience that reflects well on you.

It is very important to separate your sales efforts from your IBO prospecting efforts.

Step 7: Leave on a Good Note
You want them to want you back again.

So work until the end of the event. Even the last 10 minutes can still be very lucrative. Post-event breakdown and cleanup is crucial—don’t ever leave a mess. Attending to these `little details’ can reap huge dividends, fostering a good relationship with the event coordinator and placing you in a good light for future events.

Event Sales Mindset
Active Marketing – Don’t just stand there, do something!

Waiting for people to come to your booth is the hardest way to make money. Stand out in front, say hello and guide people to your booth. They won’t bite - promise! Have something to offer: a drink sample works well or at least a mini-flyer. Then engage them in conversation and lead them to your booth!

Asking “Yes or No” questions means you could get a NO! Avoid them like the plague.

Some examples to try out:
What flavor can I get for you?
Ever heard of a ‘healthy’ Energy Drink?
Do you want 1 or 2?
Did you get your free sample yet?

People don’t want to be talked at - they want to be talked to. If possible, stand next to, not across from, them. Make friends, not enemies: smile, nod and agree with people. Once they are on ‘your side’ it is much easier to offer them a product. The customer is always right, which means their money goes into your pocket (not your competitor’s)!

Be persistent in a friendly way, but don’t ever be annoying. Assertive beats aggressive any day. While aggressive may close a sale, it normally doesn’t create repeat business.

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