XS Energy Drinks

XS is the only energy drink on the market today offering such a wide variety of premium drink choices.

When there’s no real competitor in sight, you simply have to find ways to keep raising your game.

That’s a longstanding reality with XS®, already the only energy drink on the market with 14 varieties across five categories. XS® Energy has gone well beyond offering traditional energy drinks to provide energy solutions that meet every conceivable energy consumer’s needs.

To see all that XS® has to offer explore our premium solutions and identify what can best meet--and exceed--your energy expectations. No matter what your preference XS® offers one energy drink for many tastes.

See a detailed breakdown of all our great energy solutions -- view varieties.

Our fruit-inspired energy drinks are a throwback to the traditional fruity sodas of the past. These options are great for everyone: moms, dads, athletes and nearly anyone who consumes sodas, juices or coffee. The difference is that XS® provides premium ingredients for sustained positive energy, focus, and stamina while eliminating the sugar, carbs and calories of traditional beverages.

Soda Inspired
Soda flavored drinks are an American beverage staple. Think of the construction workers, college students, and video-game denizens, to name only a few, who daily consume that energy drink, soda, or diet cola. All will find it easy to make the switch from sugary and/or high-calorie drinks to these soda-inspired XS® Energy Drink flavors.

These versions of the traditional XS® lineup have all the flavor of their caffeinated counterparts, but they offer an added boost of vitamin C. Plus, we eliminated all the caffeine and herbs to make them ideal for people sensitive to those elements. Enjoy any time of the day for a balanced energy boost.