XS Energy Shots

Shots FAQ

Q: FAQ's on A/G web site say shelf life is 18 months. PDL says 12 months-Can we verify what is correct?
A: The shelf life of this product is 12 months

Q: Will freezing damage this product?
A: This product should not be frozen. Freezing could damage the package, which could breach the seal, which will cause product spoilage

Q: How many XS Shots is suggested per day?
A: Caffeine is metabolized at different rates by people. Regardless of body size, some people can metabolize caffeine very quickly and therefore, may use more caffeine to deal with fatigue. For others who metabolize caffeine slowly, one per day may be enough. There is no test to determine who will metabolize caffeine quickly or slowly so trial and error is the only way to know at this time. While the recommended intake varies, the best rule would be to use it if you need it. If you don’t, don’t.

Q: Can you breakdown the total MG's of the herbals in XS Shots?
A: I believe this is an XS trade secret, but will get back to you on this.

Q: What are the Natural Flavors in the Citrus Energy and Wild Berry?
A: The flavors in the Citrus are lemon, lime and orange. The flavors in the Wildberry are strawberry and blueberry

Q: How many MCG's/MG's of B-12 is in the Energy Shots?
A: 600mcg or 10,000% of your DV.

Q: What would be the recommended age for a child considering it has 83mg of caffeine?
A: The decision whether to give children under 12 caffeinated beverages is up to the parents. There is no scientific reason that children other than infants should not have caffeine. Some children (and adults) will be more sensitive to caffeine than others. At the present time, there is no way to determine who will and will not be sensitive other than by trial and error. In comparison, 83mg of caffeine is the equivalent of a weak cup of coffee. An average cup of coffee contains between 100 and 120mg of caffeine and a typical soda contains approximately 45mg of caffeine.

Q: I've heard/read bad things about Taurine, how safe is it?
A: While taurine is found throughout the body, some organs have higher concentrations such as the brain and nervous system, the eye, and the heart. As a result, a lack of taurine may be related to mental fatigue. Taurine is important throughout our lifetime; newborns require taurine for normal growth and development, but they can’t make it until later in life, so taurine is supplied in breast milk and should be available in infant formula. The foods that contain taurine are primarily meat, fish and other seafood, eggs, and milk. As a result of the growing number of vegans and vegetarians and the fact that a lot of people eat less meat than in the past, many people may not be getting enough taurine from what they eat. But the primary question was about taurine safety, so we had Dr. Chet Zelasko do an Internet search on side effects or toxicity associated with taurine supplementation. Toxicity resulted in over one million hits, and he checked out the first 100 websites. There was no toxicity associated with taurine supplementation, nor were there any side effects reported. There is 1gram of synthetic taurine in XS Energy Drinks.

Q. Is the caffeine natural or synthetic? Does that make any difference in how the caffeine is used by the body?
A. Caffeine is chemically identical whether natural or synthetic. Based on the available research, there appears to be no difference in how either form affects the body. Caffeine can be prepared by extraction from natural sources or by synthesis from uric acid.

Q: Can this Energy Shot be mixed with water? Or any other beverage?
A: This is up to the consumer. We have heard reports of people mixing them with water or juice, or even into smoothies to get the benefits in their favorite beverage. The shot is designed to be consumed in a single serving for instant energy, but not limited to only that. We welcome consumers to get as creative as they want.

Q: Who may benefit from using this product?
A: Anyone that needs an energy boost can benefit from this product. Athletes, students, business people, moms…anyone one the go that feels drained from the rigors of daily life or performance. Before a big game, important test, or critical meeting this shot can give you the lift you need to focus, perform and execute at an optimal level. These shots have been formulated for portability. They are small enough to fit in your in your pocket, need no refrigeration and can be carried on an airport.

Q: Regarding pregnant or nursing mothers and children, is the only concern the caffeine exposure or are there additional considerations e.g., herbs?
A: The research on the effects of caffeine on pregnant women is equivocal. Some studies show beneficial effects, others do not. That’s why it’s important for pregnant women to work with their physicians on whether they should or should not use caffeine products during pregnancy.
Caffeine is passed through the breast milk. The decision whether to expose the infant to caffeine is up to the mother. There are no negative effects reported in the scientific literature. If the baby fusses differently or has an interrupted sleep pattern, the mother should probably stop the use of caffeinated products. Again, working with the pediatrician is important to determine whether or not to use caffeinated products during breast-feeding.
The general rule is not to use herbs during pregnancy or breast-feeding because most herbs have not been studied under those conditions. While adaptogenic herbs have been used for centuries in many cultures, specific research is lacking. Therefore, again, it’s really a discussion for the woman with her physician.